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Are you looking for a new granite countertop for your home kitchen or guest bathroom? Here is a fun fact about granite; your brand new counter tops will be fashioned from a product that has been decades in the creation. In fact, some researchers actually conclude that the newest article of granite on earth is 750 million years old! Granite is an organic stone product that cannot be copied by man.


Granite is a beautiful natural stone material most trendy for use in new countertops and floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite has outperformed marble in popularity because is it even more long-lasting and a lot easier to take care of. Granite is unrivaled by artificial products for its strength and sturdiness, resilience to temperature changes and resistance to blemishes and scrapes.


Granite is an organically formed stone that is excavated from deep in the ground, harvested, chiseled, refined, sealed and installed in homes to add aesthetics, appeal and sophistication. Because it is a natural product, no two pieces are exactly identical. Granite is available in numerous colors from the various sorts of minerals that are a part of the rock. Since it comes from all over the world, different zones and environmental elements render it unique.


Granite is mainly comprised of quartz crystal, however, it also consists of various amounts of additional metals including feldspar, mica, copper and iron. Some granite could have some silver or gold. The level of each metal hinges on the location it is from. All granite is forged into a hard stone by heat energy and high pressure. Precipitation provides additional minerals as it is developing. Granite is available around the world, in virtually every country, and each region will present a unique selection.


Granite is a totally organic product that cannot be artificially duplicated. It is extremely durable and when it becomes a part of your house, you will discover that it does not have to be repaired or replaced every few years like some artificial products. It does require some care if it is to last a lifetime.


Granite is stain resistant, but not stain-proof. For optimum resistance, a very durable sealer is added just before it is mounted in your home. Granite can be porous, so it ought to be sealed yearly. It is also a smart idea to clean all spills right away to make sure that strong chemicals and abrasives are not required to clean messes, as they will mar the sealed surface. Completely dry the countertop with a lint free towel to reduce water spotting.


Granite is scrape resistant, so it will not show deterioration like other fabricated materials. This doesn’t mean your cutting board is obsolete. There is a sealer on the granite that could be scratched or damaged and allow chemicals to soak in and stain the product.


Granite is heat resistant, but again, the sealer could be damaged by a hot pan, so be careful. The stress caused by hot objects can bring about discoloration with time.


A granite countertop is very durable, but it is also lovely and elegant, so handle it like you would anything of outstanding aesthetics. With a wide range of colors and textures, you can be confident your countertop is unique and no one else has one precisely like it. Granite is the most durable, heat, scratch and stain resistant covering you can get, so go on and use it for its designated function but care for it appropriately to keep its authentic, natural appeal for a lifetime.


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